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Fabio’s Lab Rats Brew
Gupton Lab v 2021


Jordan Lake 2020 Lab Celebration
Fabio's Thesis Defense 2020
Fabio’s Thesis Defense 2020
Physically Distanced Lab Celebration
Gupton Lab 2018


ASCB/EMBO 2019: Stephanie, Fabio, Nick, and Laura at the Nikon Party at the National Museum of Natural History.
Before the DNA Day 5k Race, 2018
After the DNA Day 5k Race, 2018
SFN 2016 Reid’s cover image is everywhere! Even San Diego city buses!
Fridays on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn
Cortney’s farewell sushi outing
Dev Cell Cover Imagery Nick Boyer

Journal of Neuroscience Cover Image Reid Olsen
Gupton Lab v.2017
Gupton Lab ASCB 2016
Gupton Lab ASCB 2017
Presenting Dr. Cortney Winkle May 2016
Gupton Lab 2016